Global Purchasing Power

How do you access your money when traveling abroad?

Effortlessly. Your credit union travels with you, wherever you roam. So you can swipe your Debit Card in Dublin or your Mastercard® in Madrid. Travel with confidence, knowing you have secure access to your money anytime, anywhere.


  • Worldwide Network Access:
    • Look for these symbols on ATMs worldwide and have instant access to your money, when and where you need: Interac®, THE-EXCHANGE®, ACCULINK®, PLUS®, CIRRUS®
  • Direct Payment:
    • Credit Union Debit Card gives you access to your credit union account in the following ways:
      • INTERAC® Direct Payment (Point of Sale)
      • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
      • Cross-border Debit (now shopping in the United States is as easy as shopping at home. Debit cards can be used across the border at Point of Sale terminals.
  • Credit Payment:
    • Credit Union Mastercard®:
      • A full suite of Mastercard® products makes it easier than ever to find the right credit product for you. No fee, low fee, business, platinum – you name it, we’ve got it. Find the card that’s right for you and know you have secure access at more than 17 million locations worldwide.
    • GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard®:
      • The GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® can be used anywhere Mastercard® is accepted, including shopping online and accessing funds at an ATM. GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® is different than a traditional Mastercard® credit card in that the funds are automatically moved from your credit union chequing or savings account to pay off the balance after the transaction is made. A GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® is a convenient and flexible extension of your account and is exclusively available through your credit union.
    • CHOICE REWARDS® Program:
      • With CHOICE REWARDS® on your Mastercard®, you can collect points and redeem them for free merchandise and any kind of travel - not just air travel!
      • Earn 1 point for every $1.00 charged for retail purchases or balance transfers
      • Redeem points for brand-name merchandise from the CHOICE REWARDS catalogue
      • Redeem points for free travel from the CHOICE REWARDS travel agency
      • No restrictions on travel: Any seat, any carrier (airline, cruise, ski package, etc.), any travel time (even during seat sales and blackout periods), any destination.
      • Note: Annual program fee may apply

About worldwide access to your money with your credit union.

  • Cross-border Debit: Point of Sale network purchases in the United States (ACCEL®, NYCE and MAESTRO networks) will allow you access to your chequing account only. Please ensure your chequing account is activated on your credit union debit card if you plan Point of Sale purchases in the United States.

You can also access your accounts, any way, anywhere using online banking, mobile banking, or phone banking.


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