Gold Mastercard

Discover Global Gold

Annual Fee:  $96  
Additional Card:  $36 
Grace Period: 21 days 
Interest Rate:   18.75% 
Credit Limit:  $5,000 - $50,000 

The Gold MasterCard card is your passport to a world of benefits. This card was designed to provide you with exceptional coverage and convenience. Take a look, and imagine where it can take you.


  • Out-of-Province/Country Travel Health Plan (up to 70 years)
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance (up to 70 years)
  • Accidental Death Insurance 
  • MasterTrip®
  • MasterPurchase®
  • MasterRental®
  • MasterLegal®
  • Optional Balance Protection Insurance

Core features:

  • Global Acceptance at 17 million locations worldwide 
  • ATM Access at over 890,000 locations 
  • 24-hour lost/stolen card assistance 
  • Emergency cards and emergency cash 
  • Master RoadAssist® 24-hour roadside assistance at pre-set rates

Out-of-Province/Country Travel Health Plan

  • Out-of-Province/Country Medical Insurance
  • covers the first 31 days of each trip outside your home province or country 
  • coverage is up to $1,000,000, and includes: 
    • hospital and health care professional services 
    • prescriptions and treatments 
    • emergency dental care 
    • transportation and ambulance services 
    • return home, if required for further medical attention 
    • friend and family hospital visits 
    • return of deceased 
  • coverage applies to cardholders up to age 70 
  • top-up insurance is available for up to 180 days

Travel Assistance 

24-hour assistance to: 

  • confirm coverage and payment 
  • arrange for medical evaluation 
  • transfer to another medical facility, if required 
  • assist in contacting your family or business partner

Review the certificate of insurance when you receive your card

Trip Cancellation Insurance

  • Applies if you, a family member, or a travelling companion falls ill, experiences serious injuries or passes on unexpectedly, and requires you to cancel your tickets at the last minute 
  • Coverage applies to cardholders up to age 70 
  • Tickets will be refunded up to $3,000 per account per trip

Accidental Death Insurance

  • $1,000 will be paid to your beneficiary if you sustain accidental bodily injury causing death


  • Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance - up to $500,000 coverage when a portion or all of your ticket is purchased with your MasterCard 
  • Unexpected Return Home Benefits - in the event of a death in your immediate family, you are covered for up to $2,000 for return travel 
  • Emergency Cash Transfer 
  • Lost Document and Ticket Replacement 
  • Lost Luggage Assistance 
  • Pre-Trip Information


  • 90-day Purchase Protection 
    • Protection against loss, theft and damage for items purchased with your MasterCard card 
    • Items will be replaced or repaired, or you will be reimbursed the purchase price 
    • Items given as gifts are also covered 
    • Some limitations apply - see the certificate of insurance when you receive your card 
  • Extended Warranty 
    • The manufacturer’s warranty is automatically extended for up to one additional year for items purchased with your MasterCard card
    • Items must have a valid warranty in Canada 
    • Some limitations apply - see the certificate of insurance when you receive your card


When you rent a car with your MasterCard card, you’re protected with:

  • Collision Damage Waiver Benefit - equivalent to that offered by the car rental company, provided you decline the car rental company’s optional Collision Damage Waiver ·
  • Car Rental Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits - up to $300,000 per accident 
  • Personal Effects Benefits - if your rental car is damaged or stolen, any personal effects in the car are covered up to $1,000 per insured person, up to $2,000 per rental period


  • Legal Referrals and Payment Assistance - in those countries that the MasterAssist Operations Centre deems safe for travel, you will be assisted in locating a legal advisor, and in paying legal fees up to $5,000 (billable to your MasterCard account, and subject to credit availability)

Optional Balance Protection Insurance

  • Protection if your earnings are affected by job layoff, involuntary dismissal, disability, illness or accident 
  • Payment is made on your MasterCard account until you return to work, up to $10,000 
  • In the event of loss of life, your entire account will be paid off, up to $10,000 
  • Premium is $0.80 cents for every $100 of outstanding balance 
  • You do not pay a premium if you do not carry a balance

Master RoadAssist® 

  • 24-hour roadside assistance at pre-set rates
  • Access the service via a toll-free number
  • Service is charged to your MasterCard account
  • No membership fee

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