World Currency

A convenient service for Community Credit Union members.  Beneficial, not only for travel and business purposes, but for sending money, paying invoices, magazine subscriptions and more.  Our world currency services include foreign currency (cash),  funds can be wired around the world.  Community  Credit Union carries Canadian and US currency and may provide other currencies upon request, with prior notice.

International Wire Transfers

With more people travelling, living and studying abroad, there is a growing need amongst Canadians to send money internationally. However, options available have remained limited to offerings that were time-consuming, restrictive and cost-prohibitive – with poor exchange rates, high fees and costly transfer delays.

Through a partnership with Agility Forex, Central 1 has introduced a new product that allows members to send money internationally from online banking. International Transfers is a lower cost, more convenient option than wire transfers and other options in today's market. It offers members the ability to send money anytime from anywhere with the added benefit of competitive live exchange rates, lower transaction fees and faster delivery time.

In addition, International Transfers also allows members the ability to transfer funds between their CAD account and their USD account in Canada.

Product Features

  • 24/7 Access through online banking
  • Available for members using the "personal" version of MemberDirect®
  • Ability to transfer from CAD funds to an ever-growing list of currencies
  • Minimum transaction of $10 to a maximum of the member's bill payment limit using funds in their account
  • Low transaction fees to move funds internationally ($2.50 standard fee; no fee for transfers exceeding $500)*
  • Access to competitive live exchange rates
  • Next business day settlement in North America; within 2 business days internationally for most destinations*
  • Member support directly through Agility Forex
  • Revenue opportunity for credit unions through Foreign Exchange Spreads

For more visual outline on how to complete an international wire tranfer click here.

*there may be variations to the fee structure and settlement timelines for INR(India); PHP(Philippines); HUF(Hungary); CZK(Czech); DKK(Denmark); THB(Thailand) currencies.