Interest Rates For:

Interest rates are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice at any time.

Residential First Mortgages – CMHC/Conventional 
6-Month Open6.75%
6-Month Closed4.45%
1-Year Closed3.00%
2-Year Closed2.94%
3-Year Closed3.39%
4-Year Closed3.89%
5-Year Closed4.64%
Residential Second Mortgages 
Open 1 Year Rate Plus 1% and Up
Collateral Mortgages 
1-Year Closed5.00%
2-Year Closed4.94%
3-Year Closed5.39%
4-Year Closed5.89%
5-Year Closed6.64%
Personal Loans 
$5,000 and Over (Unsecured)Prime Plus 2% and Up
$5,000 and Over (Secured)Prime Plus 0.5% and Up
$5,000 or Less18%
Personal Line of Credit 
$5,000 and Over (Unsecured)Prime Plus 2% and Up
$5,000 and Over (secured)Prime Plus 0.5% and Up
Overdraft Protection18%
Home Ownership Line of CreditFrom Prime Plus 1% to Prime Plus 3%
Student Credit Line 
Prime while in schoolPrime + 2% after 6-month grace period upon completing school
RRSP Loans 
2-YearPrime Plus 1%
3-YearPrime Plus 1%
4-YearPrime Plus 2%
5-YearPrime Plus 2%



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