Key to the Credit Union difference is that your membership gives you a voice in the affairs of the Credit Union.  As a member you have one share and one vote–no one else has any more votes or shares than you do!  As a member, you vote for representatives to sit on the Credit Union’s Board of  Directors.  The Board oversees the Credit Union to ensure  risk is managed appropriately for the long-term viability of your Credit Union.

As a member you also may also stand for election to sit on the Credit Union’s Board of Directors.  If there is a vacancy on the Board, or if a Director’s term is coming to an end, the Board will issue a Call for Nominations, at which time you can complete a Nomination form to express your interest in sitting on the Board.

Eligibility for the Board

To serve as a director of a credit union, you must be a Canadian citizen, 19 years of age and be a member  in good standing of Community Credit Union.

As per the Credit Union Act, you cannot sit on the Board of Directors if you are:
• an undischarged bankrupt,
• a current employee of the credit union, or anyone who, in the past two years, has been an  employee of the credit union, Credit Union Central or the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation,
•  an auditor, or a partner of the auditor’s firm, of that credit union,
• a solicitor, or a partner in the solicitor’s firm, of that credit union,
• a civil servant whose official duties are concerned with the credit union,
• a person who has a loan with the credit union that is more than three months in arrears, or
•  a person who is in breach of any policy of the credit union (by-law 5.08).

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