MemberCard / INTERAC®



Community Credit Union has two 24-hour ATMs. At our ATMs you can do the following:

  • Make cash withdrawals
  • Deposits
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Verify and update account balances
  • Perform bill payments
  • Make loan or mortgage payments
  • Global MasterCard or MasterCard credit card cash advances
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Community Credit Union’s Member Card provides easy access to your account at tens of thousands of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) around the world.

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Safety Tips Alert

As you know “crime is on the move”. Community Credit Union is very strongly committed to ATM security for their cardholders. We call your attention to some common sense “safety tips”.


When using an ATM:

  • In an unfamiliar neighborhood, consider an attended ATM – in a 24-hour grocery store, where there’s another person nearby.
  • At night, choose a well-lighted ATM and park close by. It’s a good idea to have someone come with you.
  • Fill out all forms beforehand and have your card ready when you approach the ATM. If someone is already using the machine, stand back to allow privacy.
  • When accessing the ATM stand directly in front so no one sees you enter your PIN.
  • Take the transaction record with you or put it in a secure waste disposal – Do Not leave it where it can be picked up.
  • If anything or anyone appears suspicious while using the ATM, cancel your transaction and return later.
  • Pocket your cash immediately and count it later. If followed after leaving an ATM, go to a public area near people.


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